whitney wood work inc

MATERIALS: The heart of our cabinets is the carcass which we make from , 5/8, and   maple plywood. We use “PureBond” plywood from Columbia Forest Products because it is formaldehyde-free and of an exceptionally high quality. The coloration is excellent, the substrate uniform and consistent, and the finish very durable and clear. Normally our doors and drawer fronts are hardwood lumber, which we make every effort to select from sustainable harvesting mills. Most of the plywood and hardwood materials we use are North American. If  imported materials are called for, we try to purchase from countries complying w/ Forestry Stewardship Counsel guidelines.

HARDWARE: Most of our cabinet hardware is from Julius Blum Co. It’s made in Austria and is of the highest quality. We use Blum drawer slides for our drawers and pull outs, Blum Euro style hinges on doors, and Blum Motion detent system for door and drawer silencers. We use 5mm metal paddles for our adjustable shelve supports. The additional door and drawer pull hardware is usually provided by the owner or end user.

FINISHING: Our cabinetry carcasses are supplied with a clear catalyzed lacquer. This is for drawers, pullouts and shelves as well. We have a full spray booth and are currently recommending conversion varnish products to our clients who desire an opaque finish. Our finishing choice is from Mohawk products. It’s a very durable, low maintenance finish, which, in semi-gloss has a subtle sheen. It’s available in clear and almost every color.